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Anonymous asked in SportsBoxing · 10 years ago


Anybody know why boxing has never really recover from the likes of Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Hagler, Hearns and Norton and the others like them?? I know Tyson took the world by storm but he was one guy after hundreds, Why has boxing never recovered???/ Is it because of their heart and pure skills or is it due to corruption in the sport???

P.S please don't say yeah Mayweather and Pacman because boxing fans know them, the general public are not fascinated by them

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  • Sean G
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    10 years ago
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    I have to agree with Mike here. Floyd and Manny are big stars but neither guy has taken every challenge like Ali and fighters of that day. Today's boxer is concerned about match making and money to the point that they let fights the public wants to see falll through. Boxers in the 70s and 80s wanted to be known as not only the best of their time but as "The GREATEST OF ALL TIME" so they fought every possible contender to erase any doubt in their mind, the media's mind, and the public's mind who was the best. There is not fighter who deserved to fight Ali in his time that he did not fight...He fought Norton, Foreman, Frazier, Liston, Patterson, Holmes, Shavers...And today there are so many titles guys can be "champion" without fighting the best. Wasn't that way before. You had to fight Ali if you wanted to be champ. Frazier had been champ but knew he had to beat Ali after his exile before the public would truly recognize him.

    Floyd failed to fight a prime Mosley, Margarito, Cotto, Paul Willaims, Berto and so far Pacquiao.

    Manny failed to fight Mosley, Bradley, Berto, Zahir Raheem, and so far Mayweather.

    This is how politics and promoters are killing the sport. I also think that public access is a huge problem. The general public isn't interested in paying PPV prices to see boxing's shining stars because they don't know them. The stars have to fight on network TV. Maybe if Golden Boy worked out a contract with ABC, NBC, or CBS the public would watch...especially if they put their up and coming stars on network TV. What would it do for Victor Ortiz, Gary Russell Jr, and Saul Alvarez to be on network TV...Bringing boxing to the people on the boxer's way up will make legends in the ring again.

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  • 10 years ago

    Two, of many, reasons why boxing has not recovered. One, Nostalgia. Two, Multiple Titles.

    We all want our past. Larry Holmes is loved today but people didn't appreciate him when he was fighting. He turned back the clock, when he beat Ray Mercer, and he brought back a piece of the heroes of the 70s, though he was the last of them.

    Why do so many old shows come back? Same reason, nostalgia.

    The other reason is the multiple titles. There are so many titles, and TV exposure, though no longer free or for the general public, that the best don't have to face each other. It's hard to even determine who the best fighters are. Public opinion will tell you that Mayweather and Pacquiao are the best two. But, how do we know for sure? There are still fighters who are not likely to get the chance to test that theory. At least Pacquiao has fought some of the best welterweights, and he's not even a true welterweight. Floyd won't fight anyone unless there's a mint in it for him.

    That is one of the biggest problems.

    After the ALI era, fighters all made more money than those before ALI. This promped promoters to split the titles, demand more fees from the fighters and expose them to TV, drawing more money by creating more titles, again, for the sake of TV and money. It doesn't necessarily bode well for the fans because no one knows who the champions are.

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  • Stone
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    10 years ago

    This could be quite a long answer...

    I think all it takes is one 'star' character to bring out the best in people. That was Muhammad Ali (and later Sugar Ray Leonard) he was the first fighter to talk trash, get involved in publicity stunts, insult his opponent and really REALLY cater to the press. He brought out the tough guy animal in Frazier because he bugged him so much, he made Foreman into a real tough guy through the mind tricks and Zaire fight.

    The same was also true with Sugar Ray Leonard later; through his own skill and loud-mouth he made Hearns, Hagler and Duran seem larger than life because he brought out the best in them.

    I also believe it depends a lot on the generation of boxers we are talking about. Sure they're not "as" charasmatic or amazing but give it 10-20 years and people will talk about how great the Klitschkos were, how skillful Mayweather was, how dangerous Pacquiao was. It all depends on looking back.

    In the 80's and 90's Tyson was seen as an animal, a thug, a rapist. But now he's honoured by a lot of people as one of the greatest boxers of tall times, when in the present everyone sees the flaws in a person, but look back you see the greatest in them.

    The same again was true to Ali, people saw him as a loud mouth and didn't like it, they didn't like it he was involved with the Black Muslims, but now today we see him as a Civil Rights hero and possibly the greatest P4P and heavyweight boxer of all times.

    Belive me, when Pacquiao/Klitschko/Mayweather reitre, 10 years later they'll talk about how great they were and how rubbish the boxers of their present are.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    that you say is the golden era of boxing..when great boxers were there for the fight..ali,frazier,norton

    and foreman were heavyweight greats..hagler,duran,leonard and hearns..were middleweight superstars

    lucky during that time no top rank and golden boy . staging fights were no problem at all even when

    prizes were relatively small compared to now

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