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Why is everyone so bent outta shape about Designer dog names?

Ok seriously is it really that bad! I mean come on its alot easier to say I own a PomChi than to say I own a pomeranian Chihuahua mix. Hello everything is abbreviated and shortened these days. I hate that people say that the designer dogs were made up as a label for stupid people to buy into. I think its kinda cool and good that the "mutts" as most like to say, are getting a little attention.

Whats your opinion?


I think any breed dog should never cost hundreds of dollars whether is be an actual recongnized breed or a mix. And you say people are breeding mutts now and they are dying...that can happen with any breed!

Update 2:

You ppl are freakin crazy that think its sooooo terrible!

Update 3:

Ok well what should we call most americas then? I guess I'm a mutt that doesn't deserve to be called american....I'll be going by Nicole the french italian american girl

Update 4:

Im still not getting you ppl...Buying tiny chihuahuas is trend too....ppl freakin pay 1200 dollars for them because they have paper! Who gives a ****....If I want to call my dog a dam shortfluffything and other people want to too because its cute and the dog is cute then by all means great! i was just using that as an example.

Update 5:

OMG people where in my question have I stated anything about breed these animals! I think breeding is wrong period for any kind of animals! I just don't think that if someone is trying to give away a pomchi or if they have one they they should be crucified for calling it that.

Update 6:

they shouldn't* be crucified for calling it that!

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    Congratulations! Your dog is the HEALTHIEST, LONGEST LIVED type of dog-in the world! No matter what you call her! I also own a Pomchi, to be specific an F1 Pomchi. I guess if you REALLY want to get technical, a long-haired, deer-head tri-merle AussiePap Pomchi (long hair and/or deerhead chis come from papillons in the chihuahua's line and the merle pattern my pup and her mother have come from aussies) And guess what? I laugh at anyone ignorant enough to open their mouths about my dog..I had a reason for everything from what type of dog I got to where I got her from, everything. I spent months researching the healthiest dog breed or cross after my beloved champion bred border collie died of a massive, highly aggressive tumor in the middle of her brain. I learned all about what pure breeding does to dogs, and because of that I will never own another purebred again. I saw a documentary called Pedigree Dogs Exposed that really opened my eyes about how many innocent dogs have horribly suffered and died as a result of frivolous show standards. I reviewed the non-confidential statistics from pet insurance companies. I contacted numerous vets, even specialists. Guess what? NON-pure dogs kick butt health-wise. And Pomchis lead the pack. I chose the breeder based on her clearly superior breeding practices, and also on my dog's parents. There are no health concerns in either the mother or father's line. The mother is a 7 lb merle, which is good because larger toy breed dogs are sturdier and shown to live longer, and the merle means she likely has mini aussie in her line, which is just more wonderful genetic diversity for my pup. Her father is a long haired, deer headed 6.5 lb chihuahua. I like his weight for the same reason I like the dam's, his hair for the papillon in his line that it suggests, and the fact that he's a deer chi because they have also been shown to be healthier than the traditional show-line apple-heads. I was on the waiting list within hours of the breeding, and bought my baby within a day of her birth based solely on the fact that she was the only female. I bought from a breeder rather than rescue a pup because that way I could study her genetics for potential problems, and I knew the dam received proper care while pregnant, and my pup received proper care in the near-9 weeks before I was able to pick her up. This hardly sounds shallow or stupid on my part. And if I must say so myself, my pup brings plenty of attention to mix breeds. She's an excellent ambassador for designer dogs, as she's totally drop-dead gorgeous and everyone who meets her tells me so. She's also got the perfect temperament, size, everything really. I have yet to be able to find anything about her I would change, even if I could. And as for the haters? I ask who the TRUE shallow owners are to buy a pedigree,for a chance at a blue ribbon, or even just the prestige, knowing full well the pain and suffering so many dogs go through for it, and ask them if they'll be singing the same tune when their dog must be euthanized for (insert breed-related disease here-I know almost all of them) and my dog's still happy, healthy, and sleeping on my chest. Try it. That tends to shut 'em up.

    ETA: And to all those that are all puffed up about the evils of buying from a breeder when mutts are dying in shelters-did you buy your precious purebred from a breeder? 'Cause guess what? THEY'RE DYING TOO!

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    I am with Ameoba & Allanas.

    The people behind these dogs are just money making scumbags that couldn't care less about the breeding practices and how many dogs are being put to sleep each day.

    Not only that - but it is about respect.

    The respect for all the hundreds of breeders over the years that have devoted a lot of time and study to get the pomeranian & the chihuahua as they are, and every other breed. The people that breed these crosses still rely on the knowledge of those people to have their pure bred pom or chi in the first place to cross with, and always will all the time they have to be a first cross.

    We are not freakin crazy and you with your attitude are just showing your youth and naivety. Think of the wider picture of what is happening with these dogs. I have seen several totally malformed dogs due to someone trying to play God and wondering what they will get with a cross.

    And as for the names - no that doesn't really matter, but by being a fashionable term then it is not helping the dog population.

    Add - I can see you didn't put anything about breeding these dogs and only naming these dogs, but I bet 100% that if the silly names were not used then these cross breeds would not of become such a fashionable thing to have. Half the people owning them don't have a clue about the dog underneath. It is JUST A NAME to have attached to a lead.

    The breeding and naming go together. The person calling it a pomchi bought the dog in the first place didn't they.

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    If they are a mix of a beagle and a pug - then they are what is known as a Puggle. Sadly, these mutts are adopted because of this "twist" on being designer and someone seeking a Puggle will adopt a Puggle. The funny part is, some people do not even know what a Puggle is, they just like the idea of owning a "designer dog". The shelter did nothing wrong, society has an unquenchable thirst for expensive mutt mixes. And if a dog is a mix that can be adopted - I say - let them use that name and pray someone thinks they are adopting an expensive designer dog. 1 less pooch at the shelter anyhow. On a side note, those who do know what the mixes are can tell by the name if this is a mix they want to adopt.

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    The same reason people like you who use the name get bent out of shape when someone calls your dog what it is a mutt/mix.

    Oh please its NOT 'cool and good' why? Because no one is rushing out to get the dogs from SHELTERS. They are going t bad breeders of all sizes to get them because they don't want the dirty shelter mutt. If you're going to get mad get mad at THEM.

    And no Havapoo and other names are not cute. Not on sight and not even hearing them. And yes the designer names WERE made for that purpose. Do you know how many people act like they have new/real breeds because of those stupid labels. I had some snot nosed brat on here call me a mutt(which I am and proud of) because I told her, her precious 'Wauzer' was not a damn breed and that her mother's friend who was a vet was a lying twit.

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    When the dog is a thoroughbred they can become show dogs. People "customize" dogs for different qualities and create new breeds. If enough people do this, the breed becomes popularized and may even earn a new "thoroughbred" title. If so, then they can enter the dog shows.

    Personally, I like the shows when they get off the thoroughbreds only and do show the house pet. This is the most loved dog.

    After a show dog is "retired", the dog is neutered or spayed. The high-and-mighty breed owners do not want to "pollute" the dog pool. There are some great dogs that are thoroughbreds and some cute and loving mixed breeds.

    Stray dogs need homes too. So, if I were looking for a dog, I would adopt one from the pound and not give a fig about the breed if my eyes and the dogs eyes connected and said, "You're mine." That happened to my mother. They were best friends.

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    The cute names are not so much the problem as the unbelievably irresponsible breeding practices behind the creation of those names, not to mention all of the extra business puppy mills and BYBs have gotten because so many people don't understand that a "designer dog" is really just an overpriced mutt.

    EDIT: Actually, according to the designer dog naming conventions you would be Nicole the Framericalian. Or maybe Nicole the Ameritalench. Isn't that soooo cute? Now I want to go out and buy 10 of you!

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    I think it may be time for you to get out more.

    The "designer" dog craze has resulted in the upsurge of puppy mill operations, which in turn results in a huge increase in dogs being dumped on shelters, which in turn results in-you guessed it! Lots more euthanization.

    800 dogs are euthanized in this country every HOUR, and your attitude is less than attractive.

    Stop bragging about your rescued mutt and grow up-you have a mixed breed dog, and calling it by some designer name just makes you seem silly and immature.

    Why is it that the people who call these dogs by designer names are so zealous in their defense of them?

    Source(s): Know mutts, own mutts, call them mutts.
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    It is not "cool" that mutts are getting more attention. There is ENOUGH in shelters as it is. Calling your dog by a designer name is just encouraging the breeding of mutts so therefore more of your special little mutts die in shelters.

    So if everyone started to wear chicken suits as the new trend, would you wear one too?

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    First off, I have nothing against these puppies, in general. However, I have a lot against the PEOPLE who are producing these puppies, hanging a ridiculous name on them, trying to suggest they are 'a breed', and charging a fortune, often more than puppies of the individual breeds that make up these mutts, for them.

    It's very far from 'cool'. And the gullible public is being persuaded to part with often huge amounts of money, for a mutt - and mutts are two a penny in Shelters!! Once again, this sort of breeding is irresponsible, unnecessary and is building up a load of problems for the future - potentially far more than the problems in some purebred breeds these days. Why? Because these puppies will have inherited ALL the problems from both breeds in their background - not to say that they are being bred from untested stock, often rejects from their original breeder's breeding programme because they have a fault or two. Perfectly good pets, but not breeding stock.

    Just because everything is abbreviated and shortened these days (which I loath) doesn't make it right to call these mutts by a make-up name!!!

    Add Nicole. If you are not prepared to read, open your mind, and consider even, what people are saying in their answers, why bother to ask - or is your question merely a RANT? You are of course entitled to your opinion. And just one other thing about purebred dog prices - have you stopped for one moment to consider the cost, not only in terms of buying in good stock to start with, but in the time and effort put into breeding sound typical stock? If breeders, those who are doing it right, were to charge what their actual costs were, believe me, purebred dogs would have a FAR higher price-tag than they do. And as for what I'd personally be, my dad who was born in Liverpool, had a Scottish father, of Irish roots, and a mother from the North of England. My mother's family came immediately from South London, but had roots in East Anglia (Norfolk). I, on the other hand, was born in N.London. We are ALL mutts mate!!!

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    I don't care what you call them.

    My problem is that people are deliberately breeding mutts. These same mutts are dying by the millions in shelters. It's criminal to bring more of them into the world, no matter what their called.

    My problem is that the people breeding these "designer dogs" don't have any clue what they're doing and are breeding dogs with genetic and temperament problems. These people are trying to make a buck, so they go cheap on vet care, food and shelter. They breed unhealthy, crappy puppies and make a mint doing it. That's criminal!

    My problem is that for some reason, these dogs command "adoption fees" in the thousands, idiot people pay that price, then drop them off in shelters when they prove themselves to be dogs and not the perfect little fashion accessory.


    Sure, every breed winds up in shelters...Just because "everyone's doing it" doesn't make it OK.

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


    This has nothing to do with people. People aren't dying in shelters. People don't have cutesy names for nationalities. That's silly.




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    Since "Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix" is just OHHHH so hard to say, why not simply call the dog a MUTT? I mean, that's what it is.

    Honestly I don't give two shiits what people call their dogs. I just hate when idiots breed mutts and think slapping a cutesy-wutesy name on them makes them worth tons of money.

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