What is your analysis of the federal income tax and IRS from a legal, constitutional, and moral perspective?

In fact, Bill Benson, a former criminal investigator for the Illinois Department of Revenue, began in 1984 to examine the ratification of the 16th Amendment, state by state. After a massive search of state archives and other repositories of the relevant documents, he determined that the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified. His work is contained in a two-volume book set called "The Law That Never Was."


Before the 16th, federal taxes were apportioned; that is, each state paid their "dues" to the federal government based on population. Washington, D.C. never sent a tax bill to each individual citizen. The 16th changed all this, and it is crucial to understand that our Founders did not intend for this to happen because its omission was purposefully done in the original Constitution.

1)The federal income tax was originally a MARXIST idea. In 1848, Karl Marx wrote the 10 Planks of a Communist State in his Communist Manifesto. The second plank, right after the abolition of private property was "a heavy progressive or graduated income tax." (5) In 1909, this Marxist idea was politically accepted by Americans as retribution against the "evil capitalists" who had caused the Panic of 1907, although fraudulent money and credit expansions by the bankers was the real root cause. 100 years later, both political parties still scapegoat all those in the financial industry as "evil doers." (6) (7) By claiming an ever-increasing amount of your income, the State literally owns your labor. The progressive income tax strongly discourages the creation of new innovations, goods and services, as well as depleting and discouraging citizens to obtain more income


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    Absolutely we need to repeal the 16th Ammendment.

    Woodrow Wilson was a Commie(Progressive was his name for it) and it needs to go. We also need to leave the UN soonest and repeal the 14th Ammendment which has been totally perverted by the courts to grant illegal aliens citizenship. Anchor babies- really?

    Old guy

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    The federal income tax and the IRS are constitutional and legal. Personally, I believe the current tax system is too complex. I may not like it, but some form of taxation of citizens is required by almost any government.

    You also have some misconceptions. First, the idea of income taxes did not originate with Karl Marx. In fact, a form of income taxation can be traced back 2000 years to China. Also, a progressive income tax was established in the UK in 1799, a full 19 years before Marx was even born.

    Second, the existence of the IRS is not linked to the 16th amendment and the IRS was not established in 1913. The IRS was actually established in 1862 as the Bureau of Internal Revenue and has continuously been in existence since that time. The Bureau of Internal Revenue changed its name to the Internal Revenue Service sometime in the 1950s.

    Bill Benson did not "discover" anything new. At the time of the 16th amendment, it was common for minor typographical errors and other deviations. Before Secretary Knox ratified the amendment, he asked the opinion of the Solicitor of the Department of State. The Solicitor listed all of the errors in the instruments of ratification sent by the states. He compared them to the treatment of similar and sometimes more substantial errors in earlier amendments. In the Solicitor's opinion, the errors were not as significant as earlier amendments, he therefore told Secretary Knox that he was authorized to declare the amendment adopted and the Secretary did so.

    Bill Benson has been told repeatedly by the courts that his theory is wrong. In the U.S., whenever there is a disagreement about what a law means or whether it is valid, the courts determine the correct interpretation or validity of the law. Since the courts have REPEATEDLY told Bill Benson that he is wrong, then he is wrong.

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    The courts will never decide in that way so any body who uses that as a defense is going to jail When they wrote the tx law they told everybody 2% on the rich f s and some in Congress wanted to put a 10% limit on it but they took it out because they though the gov would raise IT TO 10% RIGHT A WAY. iNSTEAD pRES wILSON HAD THE TOP RATE AT 90% IN 3 YEARS

    Pres Wilson was pronounced insane by Dr Freud during the Paris peace conference (he published a book on his analysis of Wilson

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    I don provide a rats butt how knowledgeable you think of you're. You gained that practise from a corporation the perpetuates and parrots what the final a hundred and fifty years of dictators nevertheless elected by way of a dinosaur device it relatively is designed to allow the a million% to % a handful of applicants that they'll help you vote for. The IRS is the sequence company for the federal reserve "inner maximum" banking device. And in case you rather examine what the citiens have been vote casting for it replaced into defined initially as unearned i.e. investments or capital helpful factors. no longer earned. It replaced into offered to the yankee people as a tax to point the enjoying via fixing the import tax difficulty. See if company like mexico wanted to sell its products interior the U. S. then they had to pay a 5% import tax. properly a us company ought to undercut that Mexican company via a million% and nevertheless make an added 4% besides to the projected earnings of the article. The tax might then point the enjoying container. yet after it replaced into voted into regulation they some how replaced tohe definition of earnings to all earnings earned or unearned. adult adult males we are in this jointly, it is in basic terms between the guidelines that are very very shady. And are designed to enslave all and sundry. Our Federal government has grown too huge. We now no longer very own it. It owns us. Its no longer of the people for the people from now on. it rather is of the corporate for the corporate. Our government has been hijacked via the IMF. God Bless usa and help us to restoration the republic...AMEN

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    its legal , its constitutional, and its common sense that they should exist.

    For anyone with a brain knows that for a civilized country to run, there must be certain things in place that require money and lots of it...like roads, bridges, a military, a post office, dams, etc...

    This means that the people of the country, who are the masters of the govt, which serves them contribute money via taxes to help pay those expenditures.

    Furthermore, since revenues are needed, it is necessary to be fair in raising them..and since the country is a representative govt serving all of the people, it follows that most of the money should be raised from those who have the most to give while giving a break to those who have the least to give.

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    THIS nonsense again?

    grow up

    The IRS and the income tax are LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL and moral.

    Yes, the 16th amendment WAS ratified.

    try learning:


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