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what two things does the force of friction depend on ?

In which direction does friction act ? what would happen if friction were to act in the same direction as the motion ?

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    Friction is a force that comes in opposite with motion or moving objects. For friction to happen, it depends on the contact between two or more objects and a kinetic force, which is the force of motion, made by an object. Once motion is made through that contact, then friction happens, which opposed the forward movement of any objects and slows it down until it stops. The reason why it is slowed down because the kinetic energy of the moving object is continually decreasing until there is know more energy for it to continued moving. All of this energy is actually being transformed to heat during or after the motion. If and only friction reacts in the same direction as the motion, then the kinetic energy of certain objects will be lost, but the motion will continued until it hits another object and transfer its present energy towards it, causing that object to continued moving at the same direction.

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    Friction is dependent on (1), the nature of surfaces in contact, and (2), that a force should be acting to put or attempt to put the body into motion.

    It always opposes motion, or the attempt by a force to put it in motion.

    It is not possible for friction between surfaces to be in the same direction as the force, because the friction force is not present until a force moves or attempts to move a body.

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