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NYC vs SoCal vs Miami vs Chicago vs Houston?

I'm from the Bronx so you know it's NYC all day, the capital of the world! There is no contest... IMO; but im sure everyone will be biased depending where ur from, East, West, South, Midwest or Texas!

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    consider california

    california we have the best weather of any other state no humidity rains 1 time a year and we have the nicest sunsets and most amazing days its never really ice cold and its never really blazing hott its in between all year around 60-96 all year around ,we have the nicest and cleanest cities in america,we have everything to do here so your never bored and were not spread out all of are cities are bunched

    together once you leave one city 2 seconds later your in the next its like a endless road of cities,in other states it is spread out and emptyness forest and farmland so you get that in the middle of no where feeling.,let me list some things we have in california .

    1.SNOW-for snowboarding,sledding,ect

    2.DESERT-for dirt biking,atv,dunbuggies,ect

    3.FOREST-for hiking,camping,ect

    4.BEACHES-for bon fires,surfing,ect

    5.BIG CITIES-for shopping,site seeing ect

    6.SUBURBS-some of the nicest,cleanest,safest neighborhoods and largest suburb communities

    7.VINEYARDS-for walking through and learning about the wines,and wine tastings

    8.CLOSE BY-we have las vegas,and lake havusu only a few hours away

    and all these things you can do all year around and there all within a few hours of each other,we all the most well-known location that everybody all over the world has heard about heres a few


    not to sound like a stuck up californian but we are the most high demand place to live that's why its so expensive here and everyone knows this place is great and wants to live here that's why we have the biggest population of any other state and the most tourist traffic,,and not to mention 97% of all movies,t.v shows,and music are made here

    we have more places to shop then any other state,that are all well known,some states only have a few of these things we have all these bunched into one

    1.AMUSEMENT PARK-Adventure City,Balboa Fun Zone,Belmont Park,Boomers/Camelot/Family Fun Centers,Castle Amusement Park,Children's Fairyland,disneyland/disneys california adventure,fairytale town,funderland,gilroy gardens,great america,knotts berry farm,legoland,pacific,pharaos lost kingdom,pier 39,scandia,castle park,sea world,six flags magic mountain/six flags discovery kingdom/six flags hurricane harbor,studio park hollywood,universal studios hollywood

    2.GROCERY STORES-avon,raphls,stater bros,fresh and easy,smart and final,costco,winco,food4less,joes,whole foods,miejer,pavillions,luckys,taylors,h…

    3.FAST FOOD-mcdonalds-,burger king,taco bell,jack in the box,wendys,arbys,sonic,in-and-out buger,bravos,bakers,wienerschnitzel,del taco,farmer boys,toms,what-a-burger,kfc,churches chicken,bushes chicken,panda express,sharkies,long john silvers,carls jr,green burrito,el polo loco ect

    4.DRUG STORES-wallgreens,cvs,rite aid

    and we have over 10 diffiernt brands of movie theaters and are theaters are some of the biggest in america,and tons of high class shopping stores,and we also have some the biggest profiting malls and largest in america

    5.MALLS-third street promenade,the grove,ontario mills mall,americana @ brand,beverly center,citadel outlets,brea mall,the block at orange,south coast plaza,fashion island,santee alley,

    6.BEACHES-mission beach,oceanside,ocean beach,San Clemente, La Jolla, Coronado Beach,Huntington Beach,Venice Beach,Santa Monica,Malibu,seal beach,laguna beach,and alot more all well known

    7.OTHER STUFF-tons of the largest parks in america,tons of historic museum,tons of the largest golf courses in america,tons of architectural shoping centers,historic spots,lots of famous locations,also california has the headquarters to alot of high end products that are distributed all over america,also for gamers the xbox 360,ps3 and wii headquarters is located here along with blizzard,activision,microsoft,and many more and the makers of iphones and ipods apple has their main headquarters here and lots more things to much to list

    and for are Governor hes not that great but hes done more for are state then that dumb texan gorge bush,,and california is gonna be the first state the legalize weed,,

    we have everything that everyother state has and more and that we have the most Original stuff and we do have some of the hottest chicks and dudes just go to the coast,and L.A is the most diverse city in the world,,here what california homes look like>>>,and people say its bad cause the earthquakes well they are so minor you cant even feel them its better then other states with tornados and hurricanes which those you can feel,and people say stuff like california is bad because of the smog its not even that bad we still have some the freashest and crispest air in america,and the crime isnt as bad as people think its like any other state it has its good parts and bad parts but california was voted twice as safest states to live

    Source(s): NYC-is only good for sight seeing other then that it sucks,its number 1 for the most in debt and fleeing state,the weather sucks,the people are rude,the city is dirty (people crap and piss in the streets),90% of the city is ghetto and crime ritted,they have the biggest bug infestation with roaches and bed bugs just proves its dirty,and ny might have a bigger city but we have a more diverse city,and no its not the capital of the world not even capital of america,,everybody all of the world knows what california is only a few from diffirent countries knows what nyc is,people from other countries try to get visas to come to america just for california,everybody trys to live here,and everyone comes and vists here thats why we have the highest volume of tourist traffic,we have everything to do here and other countries from around the world know it,when im wearing shorts and in a pool what will you be wearing?
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    Miami Vs Chicago

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    Los Angeles.

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    im frum L.A. and i live in houston...L.A. is definitely a 1,000 times better. all the hottest ppl from the entire world go there. and theres always fun to be had. and the weather is incredible. Houston sucks bawls in comaprison. unless you love cows, jesus, and being judged for things that dont effect anyone.

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    NYC isn't even the capital of the state it's in.

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