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What should i get for my first car?

'm a new driver 17 and male and live in the UK. I'm having a bit of difficulty on deciding what i should get for my first car and was basically wondering if anyone could help me out a bit?

Also the insurance can be a big issue so if anyone also has any tips on how to get cheaper insurance etc that would be largely appreciated. The Least amount of money spent is obviously the best but i do have a possible budget of up to £5000.

Sporty looking car is preferable however i understand that's not always possible so any suggestion is welcome. :)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Everyone wants to get cheap insurances for their cars, that is why they seek for the best car insurance quotes available. There are a lot of ways on how to get low rates on car insurances without jeopardizing the quality of the insurance policy.

    In order to get a cheap car insurance, it is very smart to have anti-theft devices for your cars. There are many types of anti-theft devices.



    There are automatic ones and there are not. Whichever type of device you have, it will surely give you discounts on you car insurance. Another thing is, choose an insurance policy where you will can pay your premiums yearly, instead of on six months basis or quarterly basis. You can get savings paying yearly instead of semi-annually.


    Another way to get a cheap car insurance is to search for a group discounts. Some insurance companies give generous discounts on insurance policies if you are a member or if you are affiliated with certain unions or organizations.


    Some even give discounts for being members of popular fraternities or sororities during college. That is why before making any decision, inquire if the company offers such privileges.


    Finally, the most effective way to get a cheap car insurance is to attend and to finish a driving course successfully. There are many insurance companies which give great discounts on car insurance policies if you can present a certification for completing a driving course from their affiliated driving schools.

    and it's best to get a Toyota, or a Honda for your First car. because they are easy to control, and are very good qualitys. but Toyota comes before Honda

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You could always get a toyota celica they are sporty looking and they get great gas mileage my mom had 2 and they both got 35 but if you are wanting a sports car your insurance isnt going to be cheap

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    so a strategies as i comprehend, whoever "hits" has the criminal duty or is "at fault". In different words, coverage businesses and regulation enforcements point of view is, "if you're following all the rules of the line and safe practices, there isn't in any respect any reason to hit something." Now, if there changed into ice on the line, that would atleast make issues lean more desirable on your want, yet i imagine you should have a photo taken that day of the stretch of street you slid on. that is why they are saying you should continually have atleast a disposable digital camera on your vehicle to take a photo of an coincidence and coincidence scene on the day of the coincidence, alongside with a cellular telephone, your coverage information, driver's license and registration. with any success you've vehicle coverage which will pay even even if it is your fault, or if no longer, dissimilar friends and family individuals that can help you you in this time of disaster. there is dissimilar different factors to think about: changed into both of the drivers driving at the same time as impaired, or in a hurry, did both go away the scene of the coincidence earlier regulation enforecement arrived, what type of vehicles were in touch, did both have vehicle coverage-dl license-registration-etc... So with any success, possibly there is different factors that are on your want right here. In both case, it really is a caution call to continually force wisely and defensively and keep as a lot area between you and different transferring vehicles or gadgets as attainable, have a seat belt on, and haven't any distractions like listening to the radio, eating, eating, talking on a cellular telephone, etc... i comprehend all this because i have been driving for years now, and performance truthfully been in some injuries. In each coincidence except one, someone hit me and for some reason none of them even had a driver's license!!!! contained in the coincidence the position I hit someone, I rear ended someone, in basic terms like you probably did. So for the reason that I "hit", it changed into my fault, even although the vehicle in the front of me stopped short and fairly quick, no longer giving me any time to end. the truthfully aspect that saved me changed into that the vehicle I hit left the scene of the coincidence, and, from what I understand, it changed into some type of coverage scam on the element of the different driver.

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