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I've just enlisted as a SECF in the NAVY and want to know how long I'll be out in a submarine and on shore?

Contract for 5 years.

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    The current sea-shore rotations for ET, FT and STS are 4 years at sea followed by 3 years on shore. Your training will take 6-12 months, so the remainder of your time on active duty will be at sea. The rotation may improve as you advance. When on a sub, expect to go on 6 month long deployments away from home waters every 18-24 months. Time under water on a deployment usually does not exceed 60 days at a time without a port stop. When between deployments, you can expect occasional trips out to sea lasting 5-60 days.

    Check your contract again. Most people obligate for at least 8 years, in yoiur case it would be 5 years active and 3 years inactive reserve. In times of emergencies (wars in Iraq and other places) you can be forced to remain on active duty until your 8 years are up or called back after your 5 years active are over.


    Source(s): Retired Sailor, MM1/SS
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    in case you have not shipped as properly you may exchange your ideas at any time. you may in basic terms not tutor, even if it extremely is extra helpful to purely see the recruiter and sign the launch from DEP. That way in case you desperate to attempt at a later date it seems extra helpful. once you take place for boot you're quite lots caught until you're mentally risky or injured to the ingredient which you may't be repaired to accomplish good. You sign a legally binding contract for X volume of energetic years and X volume of inactive years that finished 8 years criminal duty.

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    Shouldnt you have thought about asking that before enlisting?

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    No one can give you an answer to that question. To many variables.

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