Are there any cell phone companies that cut slack on bad credit when doing a contract?

My credit is not good, and have a prepaid phone, but want to get a new one but don't to pay that much for a deposit.

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    No. What's wrong with prepaid? It's much cheaper than a contract. I have an unlimited talk/text for $50 a month!

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    T-Mobile has a Flex-Pay {lan which is same rate a contract rate you just pay at the 1st of mo. or it is suspended. Maintain a year and most of the time you get the billed version

    You have to go a store and let them try see if your credit is better than you think. If they can't you will be given then same deal as the the Even More Plan rates bit it is Flex Plan

    on bottom part of the page...

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    Bad credit = no slack. You have a track record of not paying your bills on time. Why do you think anyone would trust you to pay them? Folks with good credit histories don't have to pay any deposit because they have a record of actually paying their bills on time. Makes all the difference in the world.

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    A business does not "cut slack" or it doesn't stay in business very long

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