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Do you support Julian Assange, and why?

I do. Remember all the backlash against the guy who released the Pentagon Papers? it's similar

The politicians who want Wikileaks to be shut down, and Assange to be arrested or even killed, doesn't that make you feel like they have done bad things they don't want the public to discover?

I thought they were all for "transparency". Also, I'm shocked that a good amount of journalists are putting Assange in a bad light. You'd think they'd support him with freedom of the press and all.

Why are people putting the blame on Assange, when they should be blaming the government for the shady things they are doing? Don't shoot the messenger.

Interpol was after him for a condom breaking during consensual sex among 2 women in Sweden. seriously, Interpol? that's not rape. just an excuse to have him in captivity.


justgoodfolk: yeah, I signed that petition 2 days ago. I just want to do something about it. I hope there will be protests in Washington, and around the world, if god forbid he gets extradited or something.

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    Yes, very much. He's a political prisoner

    The aim of this judicial travesty is, in the first instance, to punish Assange for having made public secret cables exposing crimes and conspiracies carried out by US officials.

    Second, by throwing Assange into London’s Wandsworth prison, the US and British authorities hope not only to silence WikiLeaks but also to intimidate anyone else from daring to lift the lid on government secrets and lies.

    It is almost certain that the ultimate goal of the shoddy legal frame-up is to have Assange extradited to the United States to be tried as a spy or even as an accomplice of terrorism.

    Given the unprecedented and shameful public outcry by leading American politicians and media figures for Assange to be declared an “enemy combatant” or “terrorist” and “taken out” or “assassinated,” not only would his ability to get a fair trial in the US be excluded, but his very survival would be in doubt.

    Those leading the campaign against Assange and WikiLeaks are representatives of a government and a ruling establishment that is responsible for decades of criminality carried out behind the backs of the American people—from stolen elections, to illegal wars of aggression, to torture and other acts of international terror.

    This is a country that was dragged into a war in Iraq that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives based upon outright lies—reported as fact by an obedient and complicit media—about “weapons of mass destruction” and nonexistent terrorist ties.

    This and other crimes have been either concealed or justified by means of propaganda, the invocation of state secrets or outright lying to the public. This is what makes those attacking WikiLeaks hate and fear its work, and what makes this work so vitally necessary.

    The vicious intimidation campaign against WikiLeaks is a dangerous attack on freedom of expression and the press. Top US politicians have branded WikiLeaks a terrorist organization, and urged corporations to shut it down. Commentators have even suggested assassinating its staff.

    Whatever we think of WikiLeaks, legal experts say it has likely broken no laws, and the group works with leading newspapers (NYT, Guardian, Spiegel) to carefully vet what it publishes - so far less than 1% of the cables leaked to it.

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    It's obvious that the so-called "rape" charge is just a convenient way of locking the poor guy up in prison. All he wanted to do was to let the truth be known to the entire world, and all the politicians are desperate not for this to happen because all their dirty laundry will be aired. Come on, everyone has skeletons in their closets. It's just a matter of when they will come out. Anyway. Assange is getting support from his jail inmates? Which just goes to show how desperate some people are to not have the truth released

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    I support liberty of speech and expression. Information that can help reduce government corruption is a good thing. I wonder about the timing of the releases, to me it seems that there are other bigger fish to fry, all this news about Wikileaks is serving as a convenient distraction. They say that they will open and another website on Monday, should be interesting.

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    I support Assange because I think that the White House is building up a conspiracy to get rid of him, a la Illuminati/Bilderberg/NWO/whatever you know what I'm talking about.

    Source(s): My head.
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    You bet I do! He has caught the US empire with its trousers down, in no uncertain fashion.

    He has done every European a favour, exposing our colonial masters and their hired collaborationist shitbags of Europe's mainstream political parties, who implement the State Department's orders.

    Why are people - hired people - putting the blame on Assange? they're earning their thirty pieces of silver, that's why. As to his two Swedish accusers, I'll just say that they deserve to have their heads shaved as collaborators. As to the Swedish government having him extradited on trumped up charges, well - I always thought Quisling was Norwegian...seemingly there are Quislings in Sweden.

    Julian Assange deserves the next Nobel Peace Prize.

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    This is considered freedom of Speech, as long as it's not Jeopardizing the Country. Since Repubs are against Condoms, they must like he's behind bars.

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    Oh yeah, scumbag left wing anarchists and cyber terrorists are my favorite people of all. Personally, I hope Assange spends the rest of his live as the cell mate to a gay serial rapist.

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    This clown should get a one way ticket to Gitmo.

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    No I do not. What he did was knowingly wrong. But at the same time the government needs to better protect their top secret information.


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    No, he is a self rightous prick.

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