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can anyone explain me about this poem?

In a station of the metro

the apparition of these faces in the crowd;

petals on a wet, black bough.

what is this poem all about?

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    Pound is standing in a subway of the Paris Métro (underground train system) during a rush-hour. There is a black sea of people swirling past him (we are sometime in the 1910's - everybody is wearing dark suits, since they are on their way to work).

    Pound realises that even though the flow of the people is mainly black, he is looking only at the faces - which are white. (Next time you see a crowd of people, notice how we spend far more time on faces than on any other part of their body).

    Seeing all these white spots (faces) on a dark background (the black suited bodies) makes Pound think of noticing white petals on a black tree branch after rain (the rain makes the branch darker, and the petals brighter at the same time).

    Pound notices that he has discovered an image of peace and calm out of a scene of hectic bustle.

    It is a Zen moment. ( A moment of calm meditation distilled from the noise and clamour of a busy world).

    A modern poet would have written this as a haiku. But Pound was better than that.

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    The bough would seem to be the train, or the train system. Think of how blossoms burst out and spread as they leave the branch. The branch hard, the petals soft and bright. And temporary. The branch will be there after the blossom's petals are gone.

    I like this. Who wrote it?

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    I think it is a comparison of faces seen in a Paris subway stop to bright blossoms on a dark branch, the blossoms of a tree like the cherry that flowers in early spring when there are still frequent rains. The faces likewise provide spots of vivid color on a dark background,

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