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good hair color streak for dark brown hair?

in the back on the bottom layer. i have dark brown hair (almost black) what color would look best?


oh and would i have to bleach that part of my hair to color it?

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    Are you looking for a natural colour ir an unnatural colour?

    Natural colours:

    Copper would look really nice. It'll work well if your skin is warm toned (you can tell your skin tone by your eye colour. Blue, grey and green eyes are cool tones, gold, brown and black are warm)


    A light ash blonde colour will work really well if your skin is cool toned.


    A dark pink, red or purple is intresting and different, usually works for both skin tones and although not a natural colour, still looks subtle.




    Unnatural colours are really depending on what colours you wear often and your own personal taste. My best friend has dark brown hair which is always being mistaken for black hair and she put a big blue streak in it and it looked great.

  • foody
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    3 years ago

    hi i had a similar venture formerly. It relies upon on what colorings you prefer. i might propose gentle browns, coppers, and dark blondes are magnificent (yet do no longer do thick streaks of v. gentle blond as i attempted this and it did no longer seem solid, it has a tendency to make hair seem greasy and coffee priced) in case you do prefer lighter blondes, get highlights of it with gentle browns to blend it on your hair greater proper. desire this helps! solid luck :D

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    9 years ago

    Blond or red would be cool

  • Anonymous
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