Why is he doing this to me? I want to die sometimes?

We have been together for 2 years. the 2 years he has totally cut me off from my friends. my life. he didnt want me going back to school, so I didnt. I am now home schooled. he has cheated on me 5 times that I know of. He is extremely jealous. always gets soooo mad when he doesnt get his way.I cant talk to ANYONE but him. Now today out of nowhere after a fight, he told me hes not going to be like that no more, and I can go party etc do what I want. Im so confused because JUST TODAY he ignored me all day because I called my friend. that is a girl by the way. I am so confused and i told him why is he ******* with my head, and he just told me im crazy. and this is all my fault. and i can wear what i want now (because he use to tell me certain things i cant wear) that I can party & do whatever. and he said, if my friend calls and wants to go out, i WILL go out. i dont get it? i try talking to him and he just yells at me. it seems like he only wants to have sex, sleep and do his own thing but still boss me around at the same time. i feel sick and disgusted and i really just want to die because of what i let him do to me...i have no life now no friends, now he decides i can "talk to them" i just dont get it? he roleplays weird ****, like he wants to pretend hes raping me or im his daughter or sister, isnt that weird? hes threatend to rape me before, and i just broke up with him today, and he didnt even care. he just said "ok" and he was telling me im not a normal teenager because i do nothing, or talk to no one, and im like uggggh? because you told me you would break up with me if i did. im so confused, what do i do!!! he is always manupliating me and making everything seem like my fault. i just wanna cry all the time. i feel like killing myself honestly i cant deal with this **** anymore


and he told me I CUT HIM OFF FROM HIS FRIENDS. and i dont, everytime they call, i always say, do you wanna talk to them, its cool with me? and he always says NO. now today hes just saying it because IM just playing a game. and i said how am i playing a game? and he said, because you want me to say no...and thats not true. and i told him that and he just said he usually wants to talk to them he just lies. wtf?

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    stop blaming him for cutting you off from your friends and family. that's your dumbass fault.

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    He sounds totally psychotic, and a lunatic. What boyfriend would keep their loved one away from school, family and friends!? You are just staying with him because e he is being excessively controlling, and you are just afraid to leave. You know it, and WE all kow it that you DESERVE SOO MUCH NETTER!

    There are guys out there who will give you the freedom of choice, and love you and respect your other aspects of life. I am afraid that he is abusing you. Well, he already is mentally, GET RID OF HIM!!! He is not healthy for you and ruined two years of your life! You know that he is BAD BAD NEWS. But it is your CHOICE if you want to live this way. Think to yourself - can I see this for the next two years? I don't think so. It's an abusive relationship, and your friends, and family will help you get out.


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    You need to get out of this relationship...like get off the computer and get your stuff and get out. If you're still a teenager and should be in high school...I suggest going back to school. Do NOT let this loser mess up your life. You're letting him run your life and it's ruining your future. You need to do things for yourself, not for him. This also sounds like to me that he is verbally abusive to you and with his talk of wanting to pretend to rape you...he may even become physically abusive towards you and you don't need or want that.

    Sit down and ask yourself is this what you want for your life, do you want to spend your life with someone that disrespects you everyday and is possessive over you in a very unhealthy way. You're saying you just want to die, take action...get him out of your life and begin to live. Enjoy your friends, school, family...celebrate you for once. Good Luck!

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    This is an abusive relationship. He uses emotional blackmail (aka telling you he's going to be mad, upset, angry, ect if you do X) to control you and every little action. He has isolated you from your life in an effort to have you become more dependent on him so he can control you. STOP talking to this guy immediately and slowly start piecing your life together. If you let him continue to have a presence in your life, he will continue this and it will gradually make you more and more unhappy. Get away and stay away. It will only get better.

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    Cutting someone off from friends and family is the first step in setting them up for abuse. Second, don't let anyone force you out of school. Social interaction is important at your age. I think it's time for you to send him on his way and get on with the life you deserve to have.

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    RUN Sweetie, and RUN FAST!! This is an emotionally abusive relationship. Move back in with your parents, go to a shelter, just GET OUT!

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    i've got self belief precisely the variety you do. i've got in no way cut back myself, yet there are cases the place I actual have tried to, just to injury myself...however the component is that i won't be able to stand the area of blood. i replaced into additionally ravenous myself at cases, no longer because of fact i presumed i replaced into fats, yet because of fact I purely wanted to die. then there replaced into all my different reckless habit. i do no longer know what's incorrect with me, yet even though it is, it sounds like youre on the cusp of it too.

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    He's doing it because you're one of those spineless females who'll let a guy walk all over them just so they don't have to face living life alone. Rather pathetic if you ask me. All you have to do is walk away and be happy. It really is just that easy.

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    Run to the nearest shrink as fast as possible, you need help big time if what you wrote is true. Anyone that puts up with what you are putting up has to be totally insane.

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    If he is jealous- he is cheating.

    If he is cheating- he doesn't love you.

    If he doesn't love you- he has no reason to treat you well.

    If he doesn't treat you well, he is Godless!

    Godless men follow no rules but their own AKA SATAN!

    File a retraining order- break up with him and never speak to him or you will end up dead.

    He is a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies!

    Source(s): 20 years of dating- more psych classes than I can name!
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    You are living with a control freak, who has isolated you from everybody but him. You must get out of this situation! He is emotionally and psychologically abusing you. He isn't going to change, so you must save yourself.

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