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i want to make my hair lighter but i don't know if i should ?

at the top my hair is light to kind of sort of a like a medium brown but still not very dark . then from ther its all a dark golden blonde with some light brown in there to . i was a platinum blonde baby . but i have hazel eyes . do you think light skin blonde hair and hazel eyes is a good combination if not please be specific with the color you would suggest .

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    i disagree with the person above me saying that blonde hair only looks good on people with pale skin.oK but back to your question.... I think it would look great especially if you had blonde hair as a baby. just make sure once you dye it u take really good care of it like maybe do olive oil treatents every now and then

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    It's a very good combination, so pretty.

    Just take good care of your hair because you'll have to bleach it. Invest in some treatments.

    If you had blonde hair as a baby it'll still suit you now and blonde only looks good with pale skin anyway. It'll make your eyes pop. XD

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