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Question about The GRAVEYARD BOOK..???10 points????

What happenes when Bod stands up to the bully at school?????

What is the Sleer????

What does Bod do in the graveyard all day?

Do you know of any websites that can tell me the WHOLE story of the graveyard book, in less words?

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    Read the book, goddammit. It's one of my favorites. And a good 1/4 is just pictures anyways.

    1. Bod somehow manages to Fade with the help of his ghostly neighbors.

    2. Sleer is your worst nightmare. He protects the King's treasure.

    3. He talks to ghosts and goes on adventures and it really depends on what part of the book and what age he is at that point in time. He also spends a lot of time with Silas and Mrs. Lupescu, his tutor.


    as far as I know, wikipedia has a pretty accurate description.

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    why is this in Hallooween? lol

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