Why do people expect gay men to act and look a certain way?

I mean, why if your gay, you cant go to the gym, or put on any weight because It makes you look 'straighter', what if I liek lifting weights, becuas eim stuck in an office all day, and like physical excercise, and im sick of running, yet gay men and women treat me like **** because they think im trying to be someone im not, but come on, im gay, but some gay men are just so dumb and studpid it makes me feel ashamed to be gay, I mean they act like women, and im not attracted to women im attracted to me, but yet they all still act like total women!!!

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  • 4 years ago

    It feels like the adult men you're describing are in basic terms a gaggle of methods, i don't understand the way having the comparable haircuts translate into being gay. i assume the element i'm attempting to make is that gay does not have a particular visual charm, hence you're saying you do not seem or sound gay. human beings are available in all sizes and shapes, have distinctive pastimes, categories, distinctive voices, no be counted if or not they are male, lady, gay, on the instant, transgendered, human beings have their very own reasons for being a guy and donning a handbag only as human beings choose to positioned on their pants at their knees to sum it up in a sentence.. individuality has not something to do with a man or woman's sexual selection.

  • Peoples expectations are what they are tough init? You can Never change that. Question your own expect ions of what you think 'gay' men should be like. And I can tell you now they are nothing like what YOU think they should be. They cover the whole spectrum of Humanity. Surgeons, Architects, Artists, Politicians, Refuse collectors, actors, Married, Divorced, Teachers, IT specialists, athletes, footballers I could go on. You have obviously not met many gay man who are just not interested in GAY. stop getting obsessed with your sexuality - just be you. The way you get your rocks off is your business and should concern no one else

  • 1 decade ago

    Has the word stereotypes come to mind at all??

    Yup, My friends do it all the time! Stereotype me. No, I don't love watching musicals. No, I don't love to shop 24/7. No, I don't love dressing like female, and the list goes on!! You just gotta ignore those types of comments because people (as we all do) ASSUME things that they don't know the answer to. Another part of life to deal with =\

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    1 decade ago


    People have different personalities, they act the way they act because that's who they are, and you act the way you act because that's who you are. You don't want people to stereotype you when you're doing the same to more girly men.

    Anyway, it's peoples problems if they feel the need to stereotype and pigeon hole people. Don't let it bother you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is only a minority of biggoted gay men that expect certain behaviour, not people in general. It stems from their own insecurity about who they are. They want other people to behave like they do, so that they are part of a protective shoal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stereotypes. I believe that that is what causes it. When you are something, to some people, it automatically makes you another something. Like if you're goth, people think you worship the devil. Pft.

    But I think that a homosexual men can be muscular--it kind of makes me think that many of them are. Of course, people who like to be a "dasmel" kind of thing don't have to be muscular too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have you heard of stereotypes?

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