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Men: Are you in a Bromantic relationship?

If not, who is your mancrush?

Also, did you ever notice that in both gay couples and bromances, both partners are comfortable with the other using their back door for entrance?

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    I Wish! ;)

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    Lol, no.

    I'd say Bear Grylls. He's the epitome of masculinity right there. Even if his shows are "fake," he still served in the British SAS (Who are regularly compared to Delta Force and the Navy SEALS) and climbed Mount Everest. And how many people do you know that can do 150 push ups in one set, as a warm up?

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    no dude, i'm straight, so i'm with a woman. but if i had to say who my mancrush was, it's definitely johnny depp. i'm a life-long hetero, but even i have to admit that he is very good-looking. or even sexy. ok i gotta go before everyone thinks i'm gay. (again...)

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    Source(s): Edit: Do YOU think that Canadian Bacon pizza is made out of REAL Canadians> ?
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    What are you talking about, you silly little man?

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