i am on my period, but is it possible im pregnant?

hey! so im on the pill..last time i went down to visit my bf (i go to college about 2 hours away) we had sex and he didnt use a condom..ive been on the pill for 2 months, the first month i started early on the tuesday of the placebo pills, and it was a normal period where i had cramps but not awful cramps, and all. this time my period started really late on tuesday and it was EXTREMELY lite, then it was VERYYY heavy all wednesday, like bleeding thro the tampon and pad, then it stopped like wednesday night at 930 and was gone all night and all thursday till about 4pm..and then all i needed really was a pany liner..and the same thing happened today, where it is just really lite, and every so often it'll get a little heavy, but just for a minute..so idk

could i be pregnant? or is that normal? or what?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No. You are definately not pregnant. You cannot get pregnant when you have a period. Only if you had spotting, it could be inplantation bleeding.

  • 1 decade ago

    your question is confusing! have you taken a HPT?

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