How much should a 5'5 female runner weigh?

Just give me a range, please. I know everyone is different, but I would like a range of weights for someone who could be an elite runner. I'm a varsity cross country runner (all-state, conference champ., PR 18:17 for 5k) and I am a junior. I got carried away at the end of the season and gained some weight. I used to weigh 109-111 lbs and now I weigh 112-115 pounds. Grr. I can feel the difference, too. I don't eat a lot of junk, and I don't overeat that often anymore. I still run. What should I do? :(

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    nice 5k timeee

    --i'm a runner too, and a sophomore in high school. I hope to be all state next year! I think you sound perfect for your height. I'm 5' 7'' and during the summer, i weighed 111 lbs. This was too low, because it ended up leading to a stress fracture in my pelvis, which left me out the ENTIRE xc season; it was HORRIBLE as you could imagine. So I gained some weight and now I weigh like 116 or 117. But even though 115 doesn't sound ideal to you, I think it's a good idea to carry two or three extra pounds. It will assure you that you have all the nutrients you need for's just for some stability I guess. I know you're probably having a hard time seeing my point of view, but in my opinion I don't think it's healthy to be at an elite-weight when you're in high school and not FULLY done growing or at adulthood. Sorry this is a long answer..but I think 115 is perfecttt. OH one more fact, being too low of a weight can hurt your performance. If you're interesting more..just research this topic and you'll find a lottt; that's what I spent my whole summer doing while I missed out on runs...

  • They average about 110-113. My girlfriend is a sprint hurdler and she's 5"7 and weighs 110lbs.

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    You're underweight for your height. I think.

    I used to be a runner as well, I love everything about it. I'm 5 ft, 109- Ibs.

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