How old must you be to become a book illustrator?

I would like to become a cover illustrator for books, but i don't know how old you have to be to do that.

What would be a good way to get authors attention so that i could do that?

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    1 decade ago
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    It doesn't matter what age. It all depends on your ability as an artist. The author actually doesn't do the cover, the publisher does. You'd have to spend portfolios to publishers to get noticed.

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    Seven is much too young, you definitely have to be eight or more. Of course, at that age or near abouts, you probably have to know the author to get an in with mommy or daddy. Illustrations inside of books are done by the author, a relative, or friend as much as an odd professional. Covers, as stated, are always done for the publisher - like having uniform covers for all books in a series - which explains why you see covers that totally contradict the description inside the story (e.g. the blinding white blue eyed Companions of the Valdemar books are shown as brown eyed tan palominos and the round faced, soft mouthed girl/captain in the foreground on "Once A Hero" is described as high cheek boned, pointy chinned inside, which fits the gal in the background of the same cover.]

    To be professional, you have to get training and build up a portfolio of work.

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    I don't think there is an certain age. It all depends on the quality of your work. You can get a BA degree in illustration if you wanted to take it that far, but if you are already really good then just try to get your work shown. If your in school, then your art teacher may be able to help, and art shows and maybe getting some of your work published, like in magizines or newspapers.

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    The best way to do it is to write or find a text and create what is called a mockup.

    Artists are hired based on their portfolios, not their degrees or ages. I don't care how old you are. Try one now, and then if you don't like it try another.

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