Windows movie maker video upload?

I am trying to make a video with wmm and i want to upload videos from my ipod that i took. I hook it in transfer the video to my computer and in wmm I click upload video go to where it is but the video is not there and I have searched all around and done lots of things. Please help me and fast.

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    1 decade ago
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    I think SoundTaxi will do this. You only need to download it and click 3 buttons:

    1. select files

    2. convert

    3. copy to iPod

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    As far as I know, iPods record in .m4v format (Apple's own format), which Windows Movie Maker won't recognise. As such, you won't be able to edit in Windows Movie Maker. You'll need to get another program. If you've got money to spend, I recommend Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. If you don't, check this link:

    EDIT: Fixed spelling mistakes.

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