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How much do teenage guys think about sex?

Please help solve an ensuing debate between me and my friend!! Many thanks.

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    Probably about as much as girls do. On average, it's about once every 7 seconds.

  • I'm a highschool junior and I think about kissing and being with a girl, more than having sex with her. That's just me though. Guys don't think about sex as often as those 50 year old women who write articles in magazines want you to believe. Maybe once or twice a day, depending on who you are around and how you feel that day.

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    i would say a in college and for most of the guys, hooking up means sex. They just always want it, sometimes girls do too but i think guys don't feel as guilty when they do it a lot.

    but don't let them pressure you, you've got the power, teasing is pleasing (for you ), and if they cant get it from you, they can always resort to their own hand and a dirty magazine

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    I'm 15, my boyfriends 17, and he says probably 5 times a day he wants to have sex with me (not like pressuring me... Just that he wants to). So I assume he thinks about it a lot more haha.

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    Proble a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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