2008 Scion XB headlights worked and shut off now they will not turn on again only running lights??

My headlights in my 2008 XB where working fine and when i came home i noticed no lights shinning on the garage door as i pulled up. I turned the headlight switch on and off several times and checked wires running to the headlights with no help. any idea?? I am pretty sure they are projection headlights is this how they burn out??? can they burn out?? do they have issues with just stop working??

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    It's unlikely they both burned out at the same time. Did you check the fuses? Are they the original headlight bulbs or did you change to Xenon headlights? If stock, warranty will cover the problem.

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    Scion Xb Headlights

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    2008 Scion Xb Headlights

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