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What mental disorder may contain this?

the individual would do anything to get attention from others. it doesn't matter if it's just one person that is giving them all the attention they just want it & would do anything to obtain it. including killing someone.

the kind of attention the seek is basically love. but usually the kind of love that involves sexual relations.

i just have an idea for a story and i did some research on the topic. the only thing close to it is narcissism. but the thing with narcissism the main factor of it is obsession & infatuation with one's self..... & i don't really want that.

any ideas?....or maybe it's not a disorder?

thanks in advance!


yeah....i did also come across Borderline Personality Disorder

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    you sound criminally insane.

    You have an extreme personality disorder leaving you mentally unstable, the fact you want to kill someone makes you a sociopath

    i was in hospital with people with a stronger case of what you've got.

    you could possibly have a few symptoms of narcissism henceforth the infatuations, you could be a psychopath because your trying to gain attention which meens your most likely charismatic and most likely your just insane of the fact you want to kill someone

    Now to me this seems like what i have i had split personalities i had 3, a very defensive one, a happy talkative 1 (the actual me) and another one that suffered hallucinations and drew big words in my language all over surfaces i could find.

    Your personalities could be charismatic and talkative (mr.nice guy), a pervert/murderer

    whatever the case yyou sound like a sex-offender, especially if your asking or considering if theres actually something wrong with you if you want to kill someone and are seriously obssesed with them

    thats what makes you particularley parculiar, being insane is when you cant distinguish reallity from real life it also makes you confused between right and wrong like there are no rules.

    now coming on the internet and asking a question like that and wondering if your insane actaully makes you insane and i recommend you need help before your do serious damage to someone

    Source(s): was a patient in a mental institution Still got split personallitey but not so bad i talk to myself all the time and i have periods of time where i change into a different person (not ciminally insane)
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    Sounds like very typical "Borderline Personality Disorder".

    Source(s): extensive research & life experiences (knowing ppl dx'd w/ BPD)
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    sorry to burst your bubble..but do anything to get attention..insecure!

    narcissism, they could be so in love with themselves, they dont see any one else.aka conceited. no wonder people dont want to be near them..they are full of themselves

    Merry Christmas!

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