Re-repost: How do I get pics for this promo video/book trailer?

I'm trying to make a trailer for my fantasy/elvish book, but I'm having trouble finding images. Either I have to pay for them, they're obscene, or they're christmas or anime elves and not the "tolkien-esque" ones. I've tried, getty images, flickr, google images, and the like. They all have really good pics, but I can't get the watermark to go away. Is there a way to take it off? I've even tried but those pics are copyrighted too. There's been a few sites where I don't have to pay, but they have narrow selections and i didn't find even in the neighborhood of what I was looking for. I guess I could take pics of me and/or my friends or take footage, but i don't want to go through the trouble of costumes, etc. I could also photoshop the pics I take - ive heard its really time-consuming, but is it hard to do/learn? Another option is that i could draw them but i don't think i'm a good enough artist for that. Or maybe there's an amimation software that I can make the video from scratch, without any pre-existing pics?

And don't tell me "" or any video editing thing like that because i don't have any pics to begin with.

Sorry this is so long.

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    I know of a few animating programs.

    AnimeStudio- I have this one. Allthough anime is in the name, it doesn't really have anything to do with anime. For this one you have to draw/have pictures in's kinda confusing.

    Flash- Adobe flash. I love it! I want it. My friend has it, in this one you draw you're own pictures and you can animate them and stuff. It seems really easy. It costs a butt-load though, and that's why I don't have it. To see some things made with it just go to youtube and type in "fan flash" or something

    Simmilar to Flash, but not near as professional, it It's online, free, and easy to use. You once again, draw your own images however.

    Not much, but I hope it helps.

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