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The Sudetenland taken into the new state of Czechoslovakia?

_What Hitler did and when?

_The reasons he gave for his actions?

_The response from France and Britain?

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    The Sudetenland was taken fro Czechoslovakia by Germany, and was occupied and annexed between 1 October and 10 October 1938.

    Hitler claimed that,as the majority population of the Sudetenland was ethnically German,and that as these people wished to be a part of Germany rather than Czechoslovakia,the region should be ceded to Germany outright.

    The response from Britain and France was to acquiesce,under the Munich Agreement of September 1938;they wanted to avoid a war with Germany,so were wiling to sacrifice Czechoslokia's interests to do so.

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    Sudetenland Czechoslovakia

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    These Rare Original Newspapers may help as it shows his rise to power to his fall.

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    This article should help.

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