Does he like me??? 10 POINTS!?

Ok so I was texting this kid I like and like the conversation was very boring but he kept texting me..... Like everytime I thought he wouldn't reply he did like then we started talking about school and break and I said I was the one that had to go..... We texted for about an hour and a half maybe more the conversation was very general even though we we are like talking in person he's always joking with me I don't think he's much of a texter I never see him texting but when I texted him before we talked for like 3 hours and it was an actual conversation and again I said I was going to bed.... When he was with me him his friend and my friend he totally ignored my friend talked to me not her and she said he was looking at me alot this mean anything?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I hear wedding bells...

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