What are good winterfest dress ideas?

I am looking for winterfest dresses, and I need some help finding some I really like! I want a short one, like above the knee, and I really like gathered dresses and bubble dresses. try to avoid strapless ones cause I dont want my boobs to fall out!! Any color is fine, but no zebra or glittery pin things. I dont want it to look cheesy or kiddish. Please help!! thanks!!! :))

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    well i would choose a color like red since its the color of elegance, plus it goes along with the holidays and stands out against all the other girls wearing white, which would be the usual choice.

    here's a dress i found at macy's :P its not available in red, but if you find one similar in red, that would be amazzing. :)


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    Winterfest Dresses

  • knaus
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    Black tie affair capacity fancy, long attire, pink carpet like. the colour does not could desire to be black or white. its positive in case you place on your brown one as long because it extremely is not a tube gown or some thing you will pass clubbing in. Black tie affairs are elegant.

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