How can i make a ghillie wrap for my airsoft and paintball guns?

I have an airsoft gun and a paintball gun and i was wondering how to make a ghillie wrap for playing woodsball.

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    1 decade ago
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    I would probably get some twine, fake grass and leave and tie it together. My friend's ghili suit is getting old and tattered, all he did is put grass and leaves in it and it looks even better. You could always but ghili wrap for pretty cheap. $15 for the gun wrap, and about $50 for the suit.

  • 1 decade ago

    making one isnt as hard as it seems. just get a fishing net or volleyball net, some jute twine and some dye or spray paint. then put the net around the gun and cut it to the size you want. then get the jute twine and tye it on peice by peice until it is full. then use the dye. after wards you either get some shoo gloo and gloo it on if you want it to stay or tie it on if you want to take it off. or if you want one just go to and buy one for 15 dollars.

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