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96 s10 spider injectors question?

while working on my intake i had a friend that helping out and the dummy bent one of my connector pins for the top of the spider injector. i tryed very gently to bend it back with very small needlenoses and it snapped. i priced a used one at there ANY possibile way i could soder this pin back on and make it work or will i need to replace sure im screwed but im checking anyway.........


i was told that 4.3 and 360 are pretty much same in most aspects. will injectors from a junk 350 v8 be the same as my v6 injectors?

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    No the best thing you could do is to go to a junk yard and look for a used one. Also check out they have them from $60-$90 good luck.

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    i have mess'd with them alot at my shop over time,,an i have done that before too,,,i'm not going say that you cann't soilder it back,but i have had no luck coming up with a way to fix it the right way no how,,,i would see about gettin an used one,,i use this site alot at the shop,,if you find one in your price range an near you,write down the stock no. they give on that part an tell them that no. and price,,so they know that you have seen it on the web site,,,,www CAR-PART.COM.

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    No , next time tell you buddy to go sit in the corner.

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