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How to get very sharp detail in a photo (pic) ?

I know how the quality of lens and the correct exposure is required to get a sharp image, but it just boggles my mine how SHARP this image is!

Is it because it's like an HDR? There's no EXIF data... :(

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    that pic is probably HDR and from a camera that would cost as much as a small house.

    but to atcheive the best crisp image, you need a good DSLR, lens and filter, rather then using any zoom functions, get as close to the subject as possible, and use a bright light, fast shutter speed and low ISO setting.

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    I would agree that's probably HDR but look here.

    Not as sharp but just as much detail.

    I shot this with my Canon Rebel XS and my Canon 75-300 lens at 1/1000 in bright sunlight.

    Here's an HDR from my Canon eos t1i of a statue with my Canon 28-200

    The camera makes a difference yes but unless you have good optics the quality won't be what you'd hope for.

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    a really sharp lense would help alot to

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