Would map quest be less madding for senior citizens if directions started on a main rd. out of town instead?

of having the directions start at their driveway....we know how to get out of the driveway


clarity are you having a difficult time finding Martha ? You two need to get going .

You look new to me.. are you always so negative and nasty?

Update 2:

Sandy you may wish to read some of these answers.

Some reasons are : we know how to get out of our own driveways.... map quest doesn't need to give us instructions for this. ( but then you may be speaking for yourself here)

If you print them out you have 1/2 a page of ink used for info you have no reason to have printed.

You seem stressed you may wish to join Martha and Clarity.

Update 3:

Bob where did you get the idea I thought seniors were confused or addle?

I never said that.

Something that is Madding is also irritating.

Martha and Clarity and SandyO are forming a group you may wish to join them, but it's your choice.,LOL

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    Don't give map quest an address to start with. Just give the town. Get a GPS. They're really nice and they're coming down in price now.

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    Mapping programs are not very intuitive; we have to tell the program what we want it to do. I agree with Pansyblue, one way to avoid the directions from your neighborhood is to use your town as the starting point without using your street address. You can also try using a landmark like an airport, or type in address near or on the road out of town.

    A suggestion for the question from Mydearsie about using country roads. Yahoo maps has an option to "click and drag" to change your route. So, type in the start and finish address; and drag the route marker over to a road you want to try; Yahoo maps will change the directions using the smaller road instead of the major highway. If you use Google maps; you can click on "alternate routes"; just click on the alternate. Google maps also has the click and drag feature like yahoo.

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    I have used Map-quest exactly 4 times. They gave the wrong directions twice out of those four time. ON even had me going the wrong way a block from my house.

    Maybe they have gotten better since then because I haven't used them for a number of years. I was given a " Newvey" ( SP) and it tends to send you the way it wants whether it is the shortest, easiest, or longest. I used it once.

    I'll stick to a current map and leave it in the car. Other gadgets can be seen and get stolen. Never knew anyone to steal a car map.

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    I'm with you on this, but doesn't Mapquest give you the option of closing the entries that you don't want ?

    I usually just print the entire page.

    When I use my GPS, I spend hours, and lots of gasoline, just going the wrong way so I can hear "Jill" tell me that she's "RECALCULATING" in that VERY SEXY Aussie accent laden voice.

    Sometimes I even hold the GPS next to my ear, with only her and me in the truck, listening to Johnny Mathis.

    Mapquest can't do that.

    (mydearsie has it right, California streets are the best in the country. Illinois streets are a confusing. Nothing runs straight. It's as if the highway planners, dropped a plate full of spaghetti on the floor and said, "hey, let's make our streets look like that ".

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    No, I don't think starting at the main road is the answer.

    Try Googlemaps. You can request "directions", which will take you from any starting point to the destination. Alternately, the investment in a GPS is a wonderful device. I love mine when I am driving on my own. I always find the destination with Googlemaps(and have a little study of it), then GPS it. That way, I can get a feel for where I am going. Then it is like having a navigator in the front seat with me as the GPS assists me.

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    I agree about the driveway or neighborhood instructions. Also, I do not like that the routes are always via freeway. How about just some side roads for a change. I hope you are having an easier time with the way the streets are named here in the Great Northwest than I did. 105th St. SE; SE 105th St.; 105th St. NE; NE 105th St., etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah.

    My oldest son tried to explain to me how the streets came to be named this way. I still don't get it. Give me the California style of street names, even though earthquakes sometimes rearrange them.

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    Good point.But getting into some of these neighborhoods can be a real hassle.I just ignore the instructions up to about half way.

    Andy Rooney could not have asked a better and humorous question.

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    I will continue to be old fashioned. I keep maps in my car and I use them to plan out my intended route. Of course, that doesn't count for a wrong turn and going 30 miles before I realize something may be amiss. LOL (been there and done that)

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    Why do you assume that Seniors are addled. Some of us have actually picked up a few things along the way.

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    Yes! or like from the Hwy entrance (if there is one). I think you can X them out... I hate to waste ink on info I don't need. First page is turned over and never looked at... I know how to get started... lol

    Source(s): Life as Paulette knows it... :)
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