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What's a good Free anti Spyware I can use till I get paid?

So, I just joined back up on World of Warcraft after a 2 year break. 3 Days into my playing I've already been hacked. Before I continue playing I need to run a good Spyware sweep on my computer to get rid of the key-logger that's inevitably on it. The only thing is I'm totally broke. As soon as I get paid I'm going to get the Authenticator for the account and if I can, buy a good spyware program. For the time being though I need a good one to use. I've looked at programs like Windows Defender, and Lavasoft's Ad-Aware.

Any advice would be great, I don't think my AVG is up to the task (it says spyware on it, but it obviously didn't work). Thanks in advance!

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    USE This.

    Super anti spyware Pro :

    after 30 days it will turn in to the free version unless you buy it.

    The free version has no real time protection.


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    You've already looked at Defender and Ad-Aware. These are the main two I'd recommend. If you're going to get one, get one of them.

    And actually, stick with it. Don't switch to a paid one when you get paid, because you simply don't need to.

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    I use spybot with the free version of avg.

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    I have both Malwarebytes and Norton Eraser on my computer and they've kept my computer from being hacked.

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    Go to and see what you can find to help you out. Good luck!

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