Could my stomach cramps be food poisoning?

I have had tummy cramps for 4 days now, they started at the top of my stomach and are now half way down, It feels like food poisoning, but apart from a little diarrhoea i haven't had other symptoms (vomiting or headache) and am still eating and drinking ( although this causes the cramps to get worse).

I am ten weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, and these pains are not pregnancy pains or pain associated with miscarriage, and i have had no bleeding.

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    1 decade ago
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    Leah, this could indeed be mild food poisoning , or any number of things, Just make sure you keep your fluid intake up. If the diarrhea persists past today, I would think about seeing the docotor , or if it worsens. You may have developed some mild lactose intolerance , or some other sensitivity due to your pregnancy. Pay attention more closely to what you eat, or keep a food diary. If there is another problem, this will give you and your doctor some good clues.

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