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Do you think she likes me romantically or as a friend?

My boss at work and I have been friends for quite a while, and i have always been attracted to her. She has flirted back but i am unsure if she is interested or not. She has ran her hands up my back to head a few times while(not really sexual though), she asks me when I will be working with her. She let me drive her new car the day she got it. She has had my back in conflicts with other employees. I called her fat onceas a joke(she is really skinny) and apparently she told all of her friends I thought she was fat. She touched my hand once and I told her I didn't think we should hold hands at work and she told me we couldn't date because she is my superior at work(which made me think she had thought about it). She has even told me I was turning her on a few times but i took it as a joke. What do you think is she interested or not? Everything i have said has happened over the span of almost 2 years, which has made it harder to tell.

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    She seems like she likes your attention. I would say you guys are healthy friends. Two years is a long time to be in the workforce and acknowledge your respective interests and not act in any form (i.e., a kiss, a date, or something more). My best advice is to try to have an experience outside of work that is fun and enjoyable as friends. Maybe it will transform into something that you can work with. Good luck.

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