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Watching the new right now regarding the rape?

of Elizabeth Smart....the PIG that held her captive for months raping her repeadely, claimed he was insane. Dont you find it odd that since he claimed he was insane, why didn't he jump off a bridge, or run out in front of a train, rob a it was rape, bulls...t he knew damned well what he was doing was wrong. What do you think should be done to him?

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    Well personally general population for life would be a good start. A roommate named "BUBBA" second!

    The death penalty is to quick! However if he was charged for each time she was raped, how many years would that get him?

    He was charged however with kidnapping and taking a child across state borders.

    This case is personal to me! I understand the schism or fundamentalist and know many girls from within these factions are in forced unions or placements through out several rural areas.

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    Well not all mental illness has suicide as a symptom, but no I don't think he was crazy at all I think he knew exactly what he was doing. I don't think that there is a punishment in our legal system good enough for people like him and those people who hurt that poor little Zarah Baker. I personally think they should be put into GP when they get to prison and let the other inmates after them. Even other criminals think abuse of a child is horrid.

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