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I Really Need Help with my Beagle Please?

My four year old male beagle is very possessive over my other dog. The beagle wont let my other dog play with his toys and becomes very aggressive with him at times. Can anyone explain this please? He is a very sweet dog otherwise.


he dosnt attack the other dog he just snarls at him and stands guard by whatever it is hes guarding. And when my other dog reached for a toy, my beagle will lunge at him, but my other dog never does that to my beagle. You can tell that my other dog is intimidated by him

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    Dogs aren't people, they don't understand the concept of "sharing". Each dog needs their own toys.

    Define aggressive. Is he attacking and making the other dog bleed? Or are they just playing roughly like normal dogs do? You need to be able to know the difference. If your dogs are playing, leave them alone. If someone who knows the difference has seen its true aggression, you need the help of a professional.

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    My Shih Tzu does this over food with other dogs. It's the only thing he does. Luckily, he's our only dog so we don't have to worry about it. It's just how dogs are. He can't help it...but he needs to know it is NOT acceptable behavior.

    A good idea is to try the removal technique when he gets aggressive. While playing, keep him on a leash (keep it slack). If he growls, barks, makes aggressive advances at the other dog, immediately remove him from the room. Take him to a quiet place (bathroom) and leave him alone. Keep him in there for 1 minute at least, or until he calms down if he's crying or barking (allow 3 seconds of quiet before letting him out). This allows him to refocus and try again.

    Also, don't speak to or give any body signals to the dog on the trip to the bathroom. Do it calmly, quietly, but authoritative.

    Eventually he'll get the picture. Be persistent!

    If this doesn't work, consider seeking the help of a professional. It could eventually get out of hand and hurt your dogs.

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    my beagle was the same way when my mom brought home a toy poodle. but now they love each other, she is also like that to my male pitbull who is only 8mo. she just had to get used to the new dog. another way if he is aggressive to all dogs, like if you take him to a park, then you didn't socialize him enough when he was young.also if he was the only one of the house, or in my beagles case the only one inside the house(theres a greatdane outside lol but he loves him) then its a dominice thing to bring in a new dog, especially if he new dog is a boy as well, when he is aggresive towards him, does he ever try to hump? thats dominence, and he'll more than likey just have to get used to the new dog, also say no and punish the beagle when he is aggressive or does anything else you don't approove of, in punish i mean go to the kennel for a reasonable time(and i mean a carry kennel not the fenced kennel outside, one where he just has room to lay down) its not somewhere they want to be and its not a happy place, no toys, wheb in he kennel he is in time out untill yoy let hin out, after you let him out and he does it again say no and back to the kennel, after a few times he will realize that he isn't suposed to do that and if he does he goes in the unhappy place no dog wants to be. other than that idk spanking is okay as well but dogs that don't know a swift spank on the butt means no or stop will take it offensivley, get scared, or take it as you don't love them anymore. hope i was helpful in some way

    Source(s): have owned and trained over 10 dogs of 7 differrent breeds, all are sweethearts
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    toys are not suppose to be left out for the dog to play with them by himself. the toys are yours not his the only way your dog should be allowed to play with them is when hes playing with you. leaving toys out causes the dog to become possessive over the toys. Also go to and look up how to establish pack structure. that will help a lot.

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