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Should I let it go and move on?

My boyfriend broke up with me by a text message saturday. We were dating for almost 15 months. We're both 17 years old. He said he isn't ready for a long term relationship and that maybe we can be friends for now. He said he thinks he has to grow up more before he makes a commitment like this and feels as if a relationship is only for people who want to find the person they want to marry and he's not even close to wanting that now. I asked him if we could maybe try again in late January early February and he said maybe, but today he said he doesn't know if he'll be ready by then and that he doesn't know if we'll get back together or not. I love him so much, I was completely devastated when this happened. Should I wait it out or just move on? And I don't want any "give ups" or "just give it time." I need actual help with this...please.

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    You may not like this, but I say let go! He got you on the hook (back up plan) as it seems to me. Thinking that he needs to grow up is not how 17 years old guys think, believe me.

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