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My older cat is suddenly growling & hissing at our other cat & us?

We took our younger cat to the groomer today, and when he came home, our older cat was hissing & growling at all of us (unusual behavior). They used to get along perfectly, but now she seems to be uncomfortable near him. Her right eye is mostly closed and she is more seclusive than usual. any ideas?

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    There might be a problem with her eye, if its still mostly closed take her to the vet tomorrow! But she is problably hissing because the other cat smells different today than yesterday. She will readjust.

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    This is totally normal and the usual reaction by another cat when their housemate comes back from the groomer or the vet/ kennel etc. Your cats recognize each other by smell and so he smells strange after being at the groomer. It should be okay after a couple of days.

    Source(s): Have 3 cats and it happens ALL THE TIME even after 12 years when they come back from the vet or the groomer.
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    She may be ill, since she seems to be having a problem with her eye........but, most of the hissing is because the younger cat SMELLS DIFFERENT than he did when he left home. Give them a few days, for the "groomer odor" to dissipate, and they should be fine.

    If her eye continues to "look funny", take her to the vet. Let him examine her eye, and check for other problems that she may have. Older cats get sick, and hide their symptoms until they CAN'T HIDE them anymore. By that time, they're REALLY sick.

    Hope this helps, your older cat just has dust in her eye, and everything returns to normal in a couple of days...........Good luck.

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    Cats live in a world of scents, and as far as your cat is concerned, you brought back a total stranger, since his scents have completely changed. This will fade, but you can help it along.

    Take a towel and rub it all over both of them, mixing their scents. In addition, you can put a drop of vanilla above their nose and the base of their tail, and they will think they smell the same.

    You may have some of the scent of the cat on your hands, so your older cat is also reacting to you, as you smell like him.

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  • Cats recognize each other by scent.When you took him to the groomer he was dirty and had his scent that the other cat recognized,when you came back he was clean and didn't have his scent.So until he gets his scent back your going to be seeing that unusual behavior.Good luck and hope she turns back to herself again soon!

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    She could be sick, that's why shes hissing. She just wants to be left alone.

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    It sounds like your cat is sick. I would take her to the vet.


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