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What are some good Friday night meal ideas?

My husband and I thought about going out for dinner, but the weather is lousy and I think we might just stay in. Need some good (preferably easy) dinner ideas.



ooh...Shrimp is sounding tasty... Love the KFC idea but *sniff* we moved to a tiny little town 60 minutes away from the nearest one and all the roads are closed tonight :(

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    You can look up the specific recipes for these:

    Shrimp Scampi served with noodles instead of rice

    Lemon Herbed Chicken over Rice cooked in Chicken Broth and Thyme

    These were my and my boyfriends favorite date night recipes before he became a vegetarian :)

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    Friday Night Meal Ideas

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    OOh I used to celebrate Fridays with a trip to KFC Not anymore! I think making a big batch of something like chicken curry with some rice and you can have it over the weekend, put lots of yummy vegetables in and simmer until nice and soft.

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    Go to the shops, get a few bottles of wine....

    Do a google search for the local take aways, place your order.


    KFC always goes down well!

    just enjoy your weekend skip the cooking part if you can (keep the nice cooking for special occasions).

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    If you have salmon or cod in freezer do them up either fried for the cod or grilled/broiled for salmon . If freezer does not have any fish if you have a tin of salmon make fish cakes or a fish loaf or salmon a la king

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    if your havin a party rotel and hot or honey gold wings are good but if just a regular friday night the chicken alfredo or shrimp alfredo

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