Where can I sell silver coins in metro Manila?

I have a couple of collectable silver coins that I would like to sell. I'm wondering who I could sell the coins to. Possibly a pawn shop or a coin dealer? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Try Pawnshop like Cebuana Lhuiller

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    A coin, pawn, or antique shop will only pay you a tiny fraction of what the coins are really worth. There is no point selling to those shops, unless you enjoy being taken advantage of. Your best option is to sell the coins directly to the public through Ebay. You will get a much, much higher price that way.

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    I am a coin collector and I usually get the antique silver coins from reputable antique shops in the malls of SM, Ayala or Robinsons. My favorite shop is the one at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong. I am sure they will be interested in buying the stuff from you. However, you are better off selling directly to a collector instead of a middleman and E-Bay is a very good venue for it.

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    in binondo, just before a bridge besides a police substation, there's an antique shop there you can deal with,I saw some coins too. sorry , can't remember the name of the street,it is a street where there are wholesale sellers of tarpauline. It is next to a street besides a creek.

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