how do you get xbox live what do I need?

what do I need to get xbox live and when I get it what do I do with it?

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  • Robert
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    1 decade ago
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    OK so here's the lowdown with Xbox live. You will need:

    1. a form of internet connection. If you have ethernet available in your area, run an ethernet cable to your XBox and plug it in. This will get you the fastest and most reliable connection quality. If wireless is your only option, then you will have to purchase the XBox 360 wireless adapter ( if you have an older XBOX, or simply set up the wireless network if you have one of the newer, black glossy XBOXes. Then, you will have to set up a live account and a payment method for XBox live. You can then use it to play online with players from all over the world, download movies, among other things.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    XBOX LIVE can be purchased by pre-paid card in a store or by using a credit card on the XBOX already connected to the internet. What you get is the ability to play online multiplayer.

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