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Agree or Disagree:Hardy haters will always bash on him every chance they get?

Someone bought this up in my school today and thought I might share.Don't bash please its just a agree or disagree but here are some things I looked up

But here's a question for the "drug-related haters", how many of your popular TV, music or movie icons have NOT been involved in drugs? Anyone that loves punk rock, or rap, chances are some of your favourite artists are, have been or will be involved with drugs. Anyone that likes '70s rock, drugs. The Beatles? They did drugs.

Every day, we hear about celebrities from all walks of life that get into drug trouble. If you love anyone, idolize anyone, or look up to anyone that has ever been involved with drugs.

Some people can't forget the past so they always look at that to Jeff names for ex:Druggie,Meth Hardy etc when other people they like probably did hell maybe some of there friends did to but he WAS CAUGHT WITH DRUGS I'M NOT DENYING THAT!Just saying before people say oh but he was caught with it don't bash I just want some opinions

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    Hardys have done alot for the WWE and dam anyone who doesn appreciate their decade of hard work. Hardy haters will always be hardy haters, thy have no claass or sense to how much these two put themselves on the line for ungrateful hardy h8ters.

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    i imagine of its by using reality at the same time as a tna guy or female bashes wwe its typically for an honestly reason mutually as a wwe mark will bash themes about tna that extremely arent actual. Im keen on both yet you'll must be severe on something in case you dont comprehend that someone like aj kinds is more desirable suited than the comprehensive wwe roster or at the same time as human beings say previous adult men are maineventing tna at the same time as in reality aj kinds is the global champ and the boys he has confronted and may want to nicely be dealing with for the decision are literally no longer the 40 5+ 12 months olds. i will settle for bashing of both organisation organization at the same time as its actual jointly with tna growing on the decrease back of the curtain segments galore yet at the same time as the bashings arent actual its annoying.

  • Agreed. Haters will always be haters but I bet that none of the Hardy's can care less. They're already living their dream and hate can only be a motivator.

  • Agree or Disagree: If somebody hates somebody, they're gonna hate on them no matter what

    That's the whole point of being a hater

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    I don't bash him because of drugs, because If I bashed every wrestler who has done drugs, what would be left over are few and far between

    I bash him because his only talent is random flips and is only good when he has an opponent that can CARRY HIS ***

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    The REAL reason people bash him is because he is in TNA and if he was in WWE no one would even think about bashing him.

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