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Should I quit the cheerleading team?

I've been on my school cheerleading team for the past 4 years. It's now my senior year and basketball/competition season...so the last season to cheer ever (cause I'm not cheering in college.)

I hate my coach SOOO MUCH though. She literally makes me miserable everyday cause she hates me since she has a jealousy problem. (She once told me she was jealous of my sister and I and wished she was like us, so that's why she treats me TERRIBLY.)

In our competition routine I do almost nothing and sophomores get to do more than me! So I feel like I'm totally useless to the team. And she yells at me everyday. Plus the girls on the team are just as mean. They're the stereotypical cheerleaders. Partiers, Drinkers, Sluts. So they don't like me.

I don't know if I should quit the team cause I love to cheer, I just hate the coach and the other girls. Plus it's my last chance to cheer ever. And one of my best friends is on the team and the other girls don't like her either, so we're each others only friends on the team. So I'd basically be leaving her alone.

Cheering is fun at games and competitions, but dealing with these people is making me MISERABLE.

Quit? Or keep at it?

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    No, you shouldn't quit. And here are some reasons why:

    1) When you tried out, you took a spot on the team - a spot that could've gone to somebody else who really wanted it. If you quit, that's sort of like taking the last piece of a delicious pie that everyone wants, and just throwing it in the trash.

    2) You'd be deserting your friend and leaving her all alone in a bad situation. It sounds like you rely on each other to make cheerleading on this squad bearable. How would you feel if she quit and left you there by yourself?

    3) Your parents have probably laid out a lot of money for you to cheer this year; uniforms, camp, competition fees, whatever the costs are. It'd be a shame to have that go to waste.

    4) You love to cheer and compete. Why let other people's immaturity and stupidity stop you from doing something you enjoy?

    5) The school year is halfway over, and basketball/competition will be over in a couple months. When March or April rolls around, you'll probably be glad you stuck it out, because you'll be able to look back and have at least some fun memories of the year. But if you quit now, there's a good chance that you'll regret missing out on your last chance to do those things you've always enjoyed.

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    I have been doing cheer for about 6 years and i have always had a good coach. If you are really having a problem with this meanie coach, then you should talk to your parents or a principal, or if anything, your coach. If you love cheer, then you won't let anything stop you from quiting, not even a bad coach. But just remember, there is nothing wrong with you, it is your coach with the problem. Nothing she says is truthful, so don't take it seriously.

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    You should keep doing it. If you quit it will give you're coach the satisfaction and you will be leaving you're friend all alone. You have to show that that you love cheer enough to put up with you're coach and you're team. Never quit at what you are good at and what you love. Even though it's hard you have you're friend and you both need each other to go through with this.

  • foody
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    Hell no do no longer stop then u are only giving those ladies what they like. only practice greater at living house and apparently u have been solid adequate to make the team so ur no longer that undesirable. Suck it up if u relish cheering then proceed with it yet whilst the ladies might start up getting actual and what unlike pushing in school tell the coach and crucial. do no longer droop to there point with any form of retailiation.

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    If you still like it, go for it. Don't just quit cuz there making your life miserable, but you shouldn't let them treat you that way either. Or you could go somewhere else that have some sort of cheerleading program.

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    I think you should leave if your miserable. Your friend will understand that you couldn't stand cheering with those sluts.

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