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help with My best friend who is a girl?

well today em and her have been have a rocky relationship lately. Me and her are like best friends but she has one flaw. She will tell her load mouth best friend anything I tell her. We go to a very small privet school and she is my only friend in my grade their. Let me start the story now:

Last friday I told her to pull her shirt down because I saw her panties and I didn't ant to look at them but she had them pulled up to where every one can see them. We talk on oovoo a few days ago about her panties and I tell her I will let her know when I see them and to warn her. Today I saw them but I didn't say anything but I let her load mouth friend say something and I told her I saw them and she called yelled at me for looking but I only got a glimpse. I was going to tell her but I thought she might yell it out again to the whole class. Me and her haven't been connecting lately. we've been fighting over stupid stuff. I'm not even going into but I may in another question but I don't want to end our friendship because she's all that I have as a friend there. any helpp?


Yaaa but I don't think she likes me because she told me that a few days ago. she likes this guy who does stupid stuff (like jack *** stupid).

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    Its probably hormones making her act up. Dont worry. She may have a crush on you and embarassed that you see her panties, but do not confront her about a crush, she might just get angrier. Girls are strange at that age, hang in there pal

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    I really don't know.. She might have stuff going on at home. Or sonething... Maybe she likes yuh :/

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