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what do u think about this? Lady Gaga vs. Nicki Minaj?

ok so recently Lady Gaga made an insult directed at Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim did the same. well to be honest, Lil Kim is just cuz her career is washed out, lol. But Lady Gaga, she's just a jealous b***h if u ask me. she was used to all attention being on her and all her fake act of being "different". when in actuality i've heard she was a total poser in high school.

yet, Nicki Minaj acts normal off stage and people like that about her, thats she's a real woman. BUT, and this is a big but, i think Gaga is jealous that no man finds her sexually desirable and everyone does about Nicki. lets face it, Nicki is hot as hell! and Gaga, she's just............yucky! lol

what do u guys think?


ahaha gotta agree on the @$$

Update 2:

how does Lady Gaga have a better body?!?! LOL

delusional jealous women...gotta love em!

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    GAGA GAGA! The only reason why Ms.Barbie gets the attention is because she has a big fake butt and her vioce is annoying I personally don't like her because who the hec do you know gets plastic surgery in your butt and then lie about it? Obviously its not real what moron believes that. And she's super ugly can we get a *wig* that's not muilti colored. There is nothing to be jealous of in my opinion. Smh...

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    I don't know any guy who has professed to find either of them sexually desirable, so I can't really comment on that except to say that I'd much rather have Lady Gaga's body than Nicki Minaj's body. I also hate Nicki Minaj's music though... so I'm going to have to go with Lady Gaga.


    Typical response. How old are you? Not old enough to realize that beauty standards are hardly normalized and don't necessarily conform to your limited pov? I'm a slender girl and I like it that way. If a girl loves her curvaceous body, ****, and dat ***, more power to her, but I don't care for that.

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    uhh wrong section lol but i would go les for nicki. that @ss! haha no homo

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    I have no honest comment.

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