What the f**k should I do?

Ok Im a Gay 23 year old male

When I put on about half a stone I look realy skinny again, because I put on muscle mass quickly, anyway when I do put on weight women get angry with me and always look me in the eye directly with anger, because they know im gay but kinda like me I think, I mean gay men and women are always attracted to me, im not a stereotypical gay man, as in I dont talk gay or dont walk gay but it justs comes naturally to me because i have always hung around with straight guys my whole life and consider myself just another guy but gay, and most men dont care thats the thing men like me as in straight men, they think its cool that a gay guy talks and walks this way, and alot of men wave at me and say hello for no reason, they just want to because they like the fact that im not totally skinny, and stuff, its great that way, but on the other hand women hate it!!!! im mean they realy hate it!!!, I walk into shops or whatever and they refuse to talk to me, or sometimes even give me a loud sigh as they walk by me, Im 12.5 stone and 5'7 so i dont beleive im over weight.

But the thing is Gay men also get angry with me, even before they talk to me, Its not like I go out of my way to look straight it just happens when I put on weight.

So what I did was to try and loose alot of weight to please these people but I feel like im loosing wieght not because I want to but because they want me to. Just dont Know what to do or think anymore, I mean Im a smart guy, have a degree and professional exams but i cant knuckle down anymore because I feal like I have to make everyone happy

2 Answers

  • Caleb
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    You don't need to make everyone happy. You need to make yourself happy. Just be who you are, and somebody will love you for it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you should stop cursing here for starters...

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