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What is a great gift?

We are having a gift exchange at church next sunday and i hand picked a 12 or 13 year old girl to give a present to. im going shopping tomorrow and have no idea what i should get her. the gift has to be at least $20 or less and it has to be age appropriate. i dont want her to say "this too much and i dont like it" but i also dont want her to say "this is lame". so what should i get her? i need answers asap.. thank you

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    Get her a $10 gift card to iTunes and a snazzy art book like with professional photography or actual good "how to" one. They're usually going through the "I'm an artist" faze right now.

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    sure Yoga and meditation are 2 superb present of Sanatan Dharma to the humanity. Yoga and meditation haven't any more something to do with any faith and all and sundry having conception in god in any type, can practice Yoga and do meditation for religious upliftment

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    a nice piece of jewellery always goes down well. Try to choose a sophisticated piece so that she wil feel grown up and she is bound to love it. When choosing the colour, think what colours she wears most, and either choose this colour or one that would compliment it. Hope this helps!

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    how about a pack of those hot bands bracelets, and a Jamba Juice gift card?

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    an i pod but thay are expensive make up money skate board videa games

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