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Anyone know of a good putter at a decent price?

My husband doesn't play golf enough to spend $300 on a putter, but he needs a new one as his is slightly broken. I wanted to know of a middle of the road brand and type for maybe $150??

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    Putters don't grow on you, it must be love at first sight. The putting green can make a grown man shake with a 3 ft putt, it can make his hands sweat, his heart race and skip and his brain forget how to move his hands, in other words; this putter has to have a mind of it's own, your husband will need to trust this club as you trust your "Nice and Easy" hair dye. Would you want your husband to walk into a Coach store and purchase you a purse to his liking or some group of "quasi" normal women on Y/A's taste? You'd probably want to pick out your own, am I right? I think a putter is the powerhouse club in everyones's the scoring club, you want it right. He wants it right. Gift Certificate, he'll love it.

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    There are several pretty good putters available for less than $100, they are typically sold in sporting goods like Dick's, Sports Authority, etc. I bought a Taylor Made Rossi Daytona at Sports Authority for less than $80, and I've been happy with it. They also have a web-site you can check.

    But, I'd like to take a diffferent tack. Not sure what slightly broken means. The heads are really durable, so it must be the shaft or grip. They are easily replaceable-a golf proshop will replace both for about $25 plus the price of the shaft and grip. So, if he likes the one he has, check out that option. Then you could buy some other golf equipment (new bag, head covers, golf balls) with remainder.

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    First find out what type of putter he likes ie: blade, mallet, perimeter weighted, insert, or offset. Then I would say Odyssey makes some pretty amazing putter for really a good price I know is selling the Odyssey White Hot XG putters for $99.99 right now. These are great putters they have a multi-layer insert that is designed to help with a better performance.

    Another good option is a very simple putter that Cleveland makes-the Cleveland Classic putters these are going for a price that is also in your range as well.

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    There's quite a few. From (putters < $85) (putters between $85 and $135)

    One thing about putters, though: they're the most finnicky type of club on the market. There are literally TONS of models, from the "name brands" (like Nike and Odyssey) to the components (like Snake Eyes and Acer) to the unknowns (like ManKrafted and Nead) at various pricepoints. Since the putter is the most-used club, it's important that the user is completely comfortable with it... from the length to the head weight to the size/type of grip; even things like what shape the head takes on, or what kind of metal it's made from (though there are no differences in playability, some people prefer certain things/sounds/feels). It can be a mind-numbing experience. Get help from a clubfitter and maybe let your guy have some input, as well.

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    Buy several older name brand putters at garage sales for a steal. I picked up a ping anser3 , walter hagen blade and a 1982 hogan driver that has never hit a ball for $25.

    any putter that you like the look of and when you take it back, it goes online is great.

    Source(s): all I can do now is drive and putt. the rest is a joke.
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    By far and away the best value is a refurbished Ping Redwood Anser. It's a classic (i.e. the Anser style was copied for decades and is still the blueprint for most putters) that everybody should own.

    The retail price is $290 or so, but you can buy the fully refurbished version (i.e. you can't tell the difference to a new one) for $100. In my humble opinion, this is a total no brainer. See the link below.

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    You need to know if your husband likes Blade style or mallet style. Also you need to know what length of the putter which your husband uses, 33" or 34".

    Odyssey is a good brand for Putters. I myself use this brand of putter.

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    Ping B60 is the perfect putter for your husbands needs. I got one for $90.00 brand new and it served me very well for many years. My dad has had his B60 for twenty years and putts incredible despite playing on a casual basis.

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