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QUICKK QUESTION!...easy 10 POINTS!!...most HONEST answer?!?

ok i used to be a clingy guy.I used to call my gf 5 times or more in a day.She broke up with me before because of me being clingy.I got her back because i changed.The last time i talked to her was tuesday.Today is friday and today would mark the 3rd day that i didn't call her.She already texted me yesterday saying hey i need 50$.And today she texted me saying hey call me or when you get this.I need 50$ to pay my internet bill.She i not using me.Also should i continue to play the game and not call her for 2 weeks?.Or should i call her tonight?.What do you think,i need your advice.Also i got her back because i showed her that i changed,I didn't call her for 2weeks before.We are both 16 and 2years together

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  • Marian
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    1 decade ago
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    LOL! She is using you, she doesn't want you to be clingy because she is probably cheating on you. I don't like clingy guys either, but if my boyfriend didn't call for 2 weeks he would have been replaced. There are a lot of girls who will keep a guy like you around to 'Help Out' when they need it. When is the last time you were intimate with her?

  • Belial
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    1 decade ago

    Are you sure she's not using you? Because I certainly wouldn't text my boyfriend to demand $50 from him...there is no "game" if you want to call her tonight, then call her. If you don't, she'll just get pissed that you haven't been responding to her.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dont give her 50$ dude...

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