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Poll: Who do you think will be the 2 teams in the superbowl this season?

who do you think will be the 2 teams in the superbowl? who do you think will win?

i think that the eagles are going to win the superbowl this year. vick is playing incredible and he is going to be tough to beat.

what do you think?

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    I think that the Eagles will make it to the playoffs, unless they just fall flat on their face.

    In the playoffs the Eagles will face either GB, Chicago or NYG. This is by no means a gimme game regardless of who they play.

    Two teams that you don't want to face as a road team is NYG and Green Bay where they are 5 -2 and 5 -1 respectively. Chicago is 5 - 1 on the road so this would be your worse draw.

    I am not anxious to see New England or Pittsburgh in the SB, actually if it was Philadelphia and Pittsburgh there would not be many folks interested in watching the game.

    Ryan has already predicted that the Jets would be in the Superbowl, sort of an ala Joe Namath prediction. KC has not been there since beating Minnesota in January 1970, the Jets were there in January 1969.

    I would not mind seeing someone that has not been there in recent memory and if the Eagles can pull it off Vick would become on the second black QB to win the big game. Why they have had so little success is a bit disturbing when you look at how many of our black QB's are so damn good.

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    Eagles at Patriots

    Eagles W 45-42

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    It will be the New York Jets to defeat the Green Bay Packers in the super bowl, both teams have the best combination of Offense and Defense, the jets have enough play makers to get it done with holmes, edwards, and lt, plus they'll have a fresh Shon Greene once again who will keep that defense off the field by bowling over defenders. Plus Jets are great on the Road as we saw last year and I think that the only team that could beat them is the Pats because Brady eats up Man Defense with all those quick Wide outs and i see the Ravens or Steelers beating the Pats in the playoffs. Pack is just the best team i think in the NFC best QB, best defense, and they will beat the Falcons which they should have done in Atlanta and the Falcons defense is just an ok defense when not playing with a lead especially because Aaron Rodgers could take advantage of the pass rush my stepping into the pocket and making plays with both his legs and arm.

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    Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions

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    superbowl 42 rematch giants again go in as underdogs and win

    but if Atlanta gets Home Field Atlanta vs Pats Atlanta wins cuz they r the (Home Team) in the superbowl

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    no person is conscious and that's coming from an Eagles fan. it would desire to be the Browns vs the Lions for all all people is conscious. i could opt to confirm the Eagles interior the SB yet inspite of each and every of the hype i won't have self belief it till the Eagles forward via 21 factors interior the fourth quarter of the NFC championship with 4 minutes to play.

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    Steelers vs. Packers, Steelers win 27-23.

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    Hahhahahhahahahah you guys maker me laugh are you serious. Ok look at the pats. Crushed the jets last week 45 to 3. They beat pitsburg. The jets suck ok they can't even beat the worst teams in the league without haveing an amazing comback. I think it's going to be the pats vs. The falcons pats win

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    The Cardinals and the Steelers will go, and the Cardinals will win by a huge margin ....Period! I would rather it be the Green Bay Packers and "any" other team, and the Packers win! Whatever it is, It's football season, and I am stoked! :)

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    Pittsburgh Steelers VS Falcons

    Pittsburgh Steelers will win anyway because they are the best team in the NFL

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